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Monday, April 25, 2011

What the hell are these “Mat Negro” doing here and what the hell is wrong with you Malaysian girls?

Africa, the land of Genocide, Corruption, and famine, it’s safe to say that nothing good can come from Africa except from the recent FIFA World Cup coverage and a couple of tigers in Zoo Negara. So naturally I don’t trust Africans (Mat Negro) that much. Recently, I went to a third world country (which is not in Africa) and have a little chat with an African man; he was a South African citizen, and he introduced himself as Hussein or Hassan (I don’t really remember his name), so long story short, he is one of the thousands of really horny African men who really-really want to come to Malaysia, so, as a well informed Malaysian about the subject of what’s going on in his country when it comes to “Mat Negro”, I acted stupid, trust me, you don’t want to know the reasons he gave me for wanting to come to Malaysia, because most of them are bullsh*t (well, actually all of them are Bullsh*t), but the interesting part was “how”, so, how do you think these Negros came to our country? There are many ways for them to enter this country, the most famous is to use a student pass, but this Hussein guy wanted to enter Malaysia as a tourist guide, so he can take some of us to South Africa and introduce his country to us, really?, so naturally, I acted impressed, he said that he needed me to find a good contact person in Malaysia to give him some kind of a pass to enter Malaysia legally because he said that he has been blindly rejected by Malaysian embassy when he tried to a apply for a visa (LOL, I wonder why).

So there you go, another Mat Negro trick uncovered, you can now add that to the list of tricks used by Mat Negros in Malaysia including black money, fake made-in-Africa-goods, and of course, the famous I-have-inherited-1-million-dollar-and-I-need-you-to-keep-that-money-for-me scam, also known as the Nigerian money scam. I don’t know what happened to that Hussein guy because I just gave him my fake phone number and e-mail address.

So, what else? What could possibly happen if these Negros come to Malaysia?

Well, This, A Malaysian girl, from Sarawak, her name is Marylyne Sandra Sapat,22, and she has been persuaded by a Negro to be his lover by buying her laptop, Belanja makan, etc, in the end, she ends up in jail somewhere in China awaiting death penalty for smuggling in 0.7 Kg of heroin. As I’m writing this, I ask myself one question;

What the hell is wrong with Malaysian girls?

As you know, African men are very good conversationalists because they can cheat and persuade whomever they please, in other words, they’re very good at “Talking Cock”. Now, enter the dumb, naïve, stupid, easily influenced, weak-minded, emotionally driven Malaysian Girls (usually Malay, Sabahan and Sarawakian girls who came from the Kampungs and I did say “usually”). Haven’t you girls ever read the news, or are you just too busy playing Facebook to give a crap about what’s happening in the real world out there? And why it is always (well mostly) the Bumiputra girls who falls for this sh*t? Why not Chinese or Indian girls? Well let me tell you why, before I say this, I wanted to apologize in advance because what I’m about to say will be ugly.

WARNING: If you’re a Bumiputra girl who can’t take a little criticism, then I suggest you don’t read what I’m about to write next. I don't want to be held responsible for your emotional breakdown. I'll say it as it is.

The reason why only Bumiputra girls who falls for this sh*t is because Bumiputra girls are cheap, and I don’t mean cheap as in calling them a whore, what I mean cheap is that we (as guys) don’t need to spend a lot of money to date you, we just need to be caring enough to persuade you to do anything, and that can get and will get you into trouble, so Chinese girls are expensive then? Well, sort of, ask any Chinese guy and the answer is simple, “Money”, if you don’t have it, you can kiss her *ss goodbye. To date a Chinese girl, you must have lots of Money, a house, a car and everything else that makes living in this country pleasant, Mat Negros, don’t have any of those. Am I suggesting that Bumiputra girls should be like the Chinese? Well, no, all I’m saying is that their different attitudes towards guys, saved their *sses from getting screwed by Negros.

So lesson learned then, first, don’t trust African men and second, if you’re a girl, especially a Malay girl, DON’T BE STUPID.


  1. I'm piss off at those Awang Hitams because they don't consider us Asians as people of color and also victims of European colonozation. Instead they accuse us of being the White man and discriminate them because of their skin color. Since when did Chinese, Malay , Indian, etc colonize Africa and enslave their anchestors ?
    I can't stand most blacks because of their lack of family values and anti-social behaviours.

  2. To the very best of my knowledge, Malayaisa is No. 1 peacefull muslim country so far with Good government, Dear if you must know, africans are the best no matter what, we are well tallented and bless by God, the only problem we have is Bad government, according to your question what negro is doing in your country!! first of all you need to ask our top government officials why they have much and large investment here in your country if you are truely wise enough, secondly why is malaysian government dont offer job to the africans as international student, while, when i was back in uk, i witness many malaysian's [student] working over there, so why is your own country case different? infact if i may ask, what makes you think africans are bad? and why malaysian girls like africans also!! you see, the difference is clear, we are normally blessed by God and we are the best of all no matter what, we survive in any country we login,no matter the difficulties, that is the number one [1] prove to show that we are star, secondly we are physically fit as per to handle any manual job, or to perform well even on top of malaysian woman also lol, malaysian's always complain nigeria scamer, why not them fight it once and for all, to fight it is not by police arrest or sending the person back to the country, they know how to stop it if they really want to stop it, atleast by creating a job opportunities for us, for your information what encourage fraud or whatever u call it, is FRAUSTRATION, you and i know the truth, lets call a spade a spade and it shall be well with us, it does'nt matter if you are black or white by MJ, one love one soul the most of all ONE GOD, ALHAMDULILLAH,
    2ndly, this fraud of a thing started right from colonial period, and it not nigerians who started it, YOU & I know that its started from the british, so stop complaining and look for solution, i think that is the rich thing to do,
    I still remain megax, u can reach me via:

  3. But good people of malaysia please dont get me wrong, I'm not in suport of any body who dealling with drugs or using innocent people for such game, it is evil, 2ndly, there i go again, back to my point, let's call a spade, a spade, i pity the young innocent girl who was used for such evil, pls don't put the blame on her, as no one is perfect, beside you as a man should know very well that evry girls brain or senses is in their eye's, girls do believe on what they saw at that particular moment, i never meant that she is cheap, but to the very best of my knowledge, she never knew what she is been used for!! and the chinese government should also know that she is been used for that, now my question is why must they kill her? i sware with quran and my fathers grave, Non of those people who sentence the young innocent girl to death, non of them will ever sware and survive it that they hav'nt deal't with drugs, as in to sale it and make money from it even till tomorrow they are full time drug deallers, ofcoz i know chinese very well, and each and every one of them know's that the young girl is guilty free of that, Finally,to my fellow african's, scammers or no scammers, i don't care, but as for risking people's precious life as if it worth nothing, just because of money omg, please lets advice our self's, as we all have conciennce, please if you wana deal with drug!! that is your own case, but don't involve any body on such game, its quite evillllll, mostly girls who are giving to you as a man to take good care of and not to betray her, where is the trust? please lets advice our self's and be good to one another,
    Megax care for u

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  5. Haha, another bloody racist here. LOL.

    Only in Malaysia can you find an asshole calling an African Negro in his face. I mean we are in the common Era 21st century, what's this people's problem? Africans are everywhere in the world, same as Chinese and other races. Regardless of the scam and drug thing, this poster has his own personal problem with Africans in general. What makes you feel you are superior? you stinking PIG. I'm in my finals @ Taylors Uni. in Malaysia. I have visited Canada, USA, and China. People are way more friendly and do not think negative about you because of where you are from or skin color than they do in your Malaysia. I wouldn't say much but you suck cock. Let me tell you, all those things you mentioned Africans here don't have, I HAVE GOT IT and so also many of us like that have got this material things. The only thing is that I do not have a house here because here's not my motherland. You said all of us are bullshits, well dude I'm not into drugs or scams, but honestly I do not know you but I'm better than you. My families back home are well-doing, matter of fact I can afford to buy 5 houses here in Malaysia. I drive 2010 Honda Accord to school, I bought it cash, not loan. Your banks CIMB and Maybank once called me asking where I got all my money from and why my acc balance is seriously way above student and an average man's limit in this country. Simple answer, I told them to trace the transfer coming from my country. Money coming straight from home, transferred by my lovely Father. I went further telling them if they are interested in finding out more about my dad's occupation, the number of companies and investments he posses.

    SO PLS SHUT THE HELL UP, and do your research well. Do not think all Africans here are into scams or drugs like you generally categorize everybody to be, just because we are in your country. During my visits, I met many Malaysians at illinois and ontario. I let them know I'm studying in their country. M.o.f, their reasoning is far more different from people like YOU.

    1. im agree with u, even my best friend is negro, come from Nigeria, study in IPTA (i cannot mention the IPTA name here).. He is just much2 better than my other local friends who even not help me for study at all, but then love to see me fell down for bad results.. i dun be biased, but i see them as an angel for me, the best companion, and the friend that can go with us through thick or thin.. Im very2 sad if i heard people have just judge them without get to know them before.. for ur information, i am local malaysian student who now in final year of study.. Dear Delly, i never knew if the problem negro is not came from S.A., thanx for ur info.. :)

  6. The black man you met is not from South Africa, I'mm pretty sure of that.

    You have never been to South Africa before, so SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH.

    S.A is far more better than Malaysia. If you don't know, now you know.

    Get that into your thick brain short PIG.

  7. The writer is plainly stupid. Firstly, if he was any wiser, he would have known that South Africans don't need a visa to enter Malaysia unless they want to stay longer than 3 months.

    Secondly, if he is really Malaysian as he claims then his orientation of Chinese ladies is seriously flawed. Isn't the "1-Malaysia" program working? How come you have no idea of the real lifestyle of one of the major races in your country? It looks like some Chinese girl screwed with his mind in relation to his broke ass. Go get a real job mate.

    Thirdly, anyone who falls for any scam (online or otherwise) is dumber than a boutique doll. Greed, ignorance and simple plain stupidity are the root causes, period!.

    Fourthly, I don't really understand what "Mat Negro" means but from my research. It simply means black. So saying it twice is what? Negro is a race, of dark skinned peoples mainly but not limited to the continent of Africa as not all Africans are negroid people especially North Africans, Afrikaans of South African (dutch-heritage)or Malagasy or Indian heritage Africans.

    Finally, you began your idiocy by saying you went to a third world country (not in Africa). Are you not from a third world country too?
    Africa - you know nothing about excerpt a minute details which doesn't in any way explain a general knowledge of the continent or it's peoples.
    You didn't act stupid as you imply; You are in fact stupid and coming out online to display it, is an even dumber move. Let's see what you think of your post a decade from now.

  8. Dude, malaysia is not a third world country. Get you facts right